How to Feed the Content Monster on a Budget

Once you start going down the content strategy route, you have to maintain momentum to make it effective. It can be a hard task creating content as often as you should but even with a small budget and a little time, you can find ways to engage with your customer base and build your brand.

Start an Editorial Calendar

Develop a content calendar to plan and schedule blog posts, Facebook updates, web content and tweets. This will give you time to think carefully about what content you want to publish and making sure that it is helpful to your audience. Highlight any holidays or times of year when the content would be especially relevant.

Ideas may include company news, thought leadership articles, how to guides. Bit stumped as to what to write about next? Use a content generator to get the ideas flowing.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns give the highest ROI, so are worth your attention.

To reach out to new customers, fine-tune your mailing list and think about what they would like to read. Include call to actions, images and news about your company.

If your campaign is going to existing clients, include news on product launches or useful insights into your industry.

Case Studies

Write about your successful projects and shout about them on social media. Cover the five W’s: who, what, when, where, why. Bring your story to life with eye-catching images and infographics. Testimonials are one of the most persuasive forms of content so speak to your client about the project and see if they can provide a glowing review.

Press Releases

Has your company recently been employed by a high-profile client, or maybe you would like to share statistics from research you recently carried out? All this is newsworthy fodder that can be put into a press release and sent out to relevant media.

Create a media list of local publications, B2B magazines, regional papers and journalists you could speak to. Look at what they write about and think about how you could help provide comment. Some publications put together a forward features list for the year ahead. These can be downloaded from the publication’s website or you may need to contact the editorial team. A forward features list is a brilliant way to pitch your idea and content so that it is useful to the editor.

Curate Content

Strictly speaking, this isn’t about creating content, but it is a vital tool in your content strategy.

Content curation is the act of seeking and making sense of information around a specific topic then presenting it to your audience in a meaningful way.

Using this method, you share interesting topics with your audience that would provide them with value while establishing your credibility and brand voice.  The reason why content marketers use content curation as part of their strategy is to establish thought leadership. In fact, 85 percent of people do it for that exact reason.

Content curation is a strategic process, so here are a variety of free curation tools to help get you started.

Create a Video

Videos are valuable to your audience and a powerful content medium.

Types of videos could be:

  • Informational
  • Branded
  • Vlog updates
  • Viral videos
  • Product demonstrations

If you don’t have much budget then you can hire a student to help you out, or give filming a go on your iPhone.

Reuse Content

Do you have some great content on your website that isn’t getting the traffic it deserves? Then it’s time to bring it out of hiding for a spruce-up. This time-saving content creation process will help you reach a whole new audience. Repurpose an eBook into a series of blog posts, statistics or infographics. Use free photo-editing programs such as Canva to turn your heavily-researched articles into slides.

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