Calculating the right rate is one of the hardest parts of being a freelance copywriter. Every business is different so there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ figure.

With each client, I will provide a bespoke quote based on your project requirements and how long I think I will need to get the work completed. This can be dependent on the complexity of the work, how much research will be involved and if I’ll be working from scratch or reworking drafted copy. This will also allow for any consultation involved, proofreading, revisions and meetings.

The Professional Copywriters Network has a list of rates usually charged by copywriters, which I invite you to read before making an enquiry.

I am happy to charge on a per-project basis, per day or half day. It is my aim to be transparent and honest when it comes to fees, and I understand that not everyone has a killer budget to dedicate to copywriting. There is always a way to cut your cloth according to your means and I’m happy to help you do that. To discuss how I can help then please email emmajemccarthy@gmail.com or give be a bell on 07828576719.